Wait With Me

(March 2013)


 Hollow Ponds

(June 2011) 


 From Fall to Fall

(December 2009)


on that organ, in the house, by the field

(December 2008)



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International Folk Alliance Showcase Compilation XVII


'Great Northern Revival Vol.3: Notes from the Edmonton Underground' (2013)


'Great Northern Revival Vol.2: Notes from the Edmonton Underground' (2010)


'LIVESTOCK Alberta Music Sampler: Volume 3' (2010)

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'Alberta Music Sampler: Volume 2' (2010)

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'turning back the pages of my sweet shattered dreams' (2011)

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Calgary Folk Festival 'Pro's and Prose' Songwriting Contest:

100 mile house - 'Better, Still'

Transcanada Alberta Music Series - March 2011:

100 mile house - 'John Dear'

Vancouver 2010:

100 mile house - 'pilot's license'

100 mile house - 'this old house'


'From fall to fall' release at Axis Cafe:

All live video from 'from fall to fall' album launch at Axis Cafe, Edmonton.

Recorded and edited by Darryl Zubot.

100 mile house - 'this old house'


100 mile house - 'some time again'

100 mile house - 'wolves'