This nostalgia that stops me in my tracks does not have an anchor. It is a place with no name. It is a person I have never met. It is the part of me that moves forward, searching for what is real.


After three years of performing across North America and charting across the globe, husband and wife duo Peter Stone (UK) and Denise MacKay (Alberta) return home with the fourth 100 mile house album ‘Hiraeth’.

A Welsh word with no direct English translation, Hiraeth has been defined as‘a sense of nostalgia and longing for place or person that may never have existed’. Wearing their trademark honesty firmly on their sleeves with songs discussing the loss of of a loved one (Hidden Springs) to the struggles and grief that can come with trying to start a family (Last Branch), Hiraeth is a conversation about our deepest fears and the ability to find hope in the darkest places. This lyrically driven set of songs revolves around their unmistakable harmonies and rests on a musical landscape ranging from a single acoustic guitar to layers of strings, grand piano, and a choir made up of some of Edmonton's most distinctive musical voices.

The songs on Hiraeth are a testament to the power of vulnerability. An example of the impact and healing that comes when we share our stories and the comfort that comes from knowing we’re not alone.

A journey that started with a mistaken meeting at a show in Toronto 13 years ago has led the couple to share their unique brand of transatlantic folk at shows and festivals across this great continent. 100 mile house were winners of the Emerging Artist Award at the 2014 Edmonton Folk Music Festival, and their previous two albums, Wait With Me (2013) and Hollow Ponds (2011), have garnered three WCMA nominations, two Calgary Folk Festival Songwriting Grand prizes, two Edmonton Music Awards and have received airplay across the globe, from the BBC in the UK to Germany, Holland and France. It has also taken them to the stages of some of Canada’s biggest festivals including the Edmonton, Calgary, Canmore and Vancouver Folk Festivals.